Fullsize, a new jQuery lightbox plugin and IMG Attribute

A New jQuery Plugin and IMG Attribute

Fullsize is an attempt to add a new IMG attribute called “fullsize” in the next version of HTML. The idea is simple; create a standardized solution by which browsers handle the image popups rather than javascript/AJAX. Whenever the fullsize attribute is found within the img tag, browsers would tackle the heavy lifting, generating a popup of the full size image.

Although I’m still on the fence about this, there are a few aspects that I find interesting. For one, image popups would continue functioning even for users where javascript is disabled. Because this is handled by the browser, less code would need to be written by the developer.

Sounds great, but what if I want to control this myself using jQuery, Mootools or another javascript framework? No problem! The hundreds of lightbox plugins already out there in cyberspace will continue working as intended. Browsers will only step in when the img tag is accompanied by the fullsize attribute.

Who knows if this idea will ever come to fruition. In the meantime however, a jQuery plugin has been created for all to enjoy!

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