Easily convert characters to HTML entities


Posting code within a comment or post can often be a royal pain! Converting every instance of an HTML bracket from “<” and “>” to “&lt;” and “&gt;”, is not only frustrating but a complete waist of time. Fortunately, there are a few websites out there that will do the dirty work for us.

These converters will also handle the following HTML characters converting them to their respective HTML entities.

  1. < to &lt;
  2. > to &gt;
  3. ' to &#039;
  4. " to &quot;
  5. & to &amp;


Postable seems to be the complete package since it converts all HTML characters and symbols.

Link: http://www.elliotswan.com/postable/

i Make Postable

This is fine for most situations, but it doesn't support conversion for HTML symbols.

Link: http://www.khurshid.com/i-make-postable/

Postable (Noteslog)

I found this to be identical to i Make Postable.

Link: http://noteslog.com/personal/projects/postable/

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8 responses to "Easily convert characters to HTML entities"

  • Nicola says:

    It would be great to have something which converts anything BUT html tags, for instance:

    Inició sus estudios en la escuela school name y se recibió magna cum laude en etc. etc..

    would NOT become:

    <p>Inició sus estudios en la escuela <a href="www.whatever.org">school name</a> y se recibió <i>magna cum laude</i> en etc. etc..</p>


    Inició sus estudios en la escuela school name y se recibió magna cum laude en etc. etc..

    to which result anyway one can get by putting the unwanted result into any text editor and replacing all occurrences of

    < with
    " with ”

    I came to need something like this because I saved one page with google chrome without noticing that it had replaced &entities of the page code by single characters which were NOT in the original page code, ó with ó, á with á, etc., and I started comfortably editing the text in between html tags (the original text I was translating was carrying links that I wanted to respect in the translation).

    When I realized, I couldn’t figure out a quick way to resolve the conversion inside Notepad++ (at least not with the plugins I took the time to investigate), I found this page (thanks) and I ended up using http://www.elliotswan.com/postable/ and converting ” back to single character.

  • Nicola says:

    Uhhh my comment is now html-wise interpreted… sorry.

    I don’t see here any chance of embedding “CODE”-like text which would not be html-wise interpreted… I should “escape” a lot of sequences but with no chance to “edit” a post I don’t even start trying that…

    Please just look at my previous comment looking for it in the page source (it should be ctrl-U in mozilla based browsers like firefox, sea monkey or google chrome, then ctrl-F for text search).

    • brobison says:

      Hey Nicola,

      Try dropping it into something like http://pastebin.com/ then link to it in your comment.

      • Nicola says:

        Thank you brobison, here it is:


        • Nicola says:

          (Ooook I put this one shorter post because the previous post with the link to the code in pastebin was not appearing any more, no matter how many times I was clearing the cache and reloading the page with two differente browsers… mistery… just after putting the shorter answer the previous one was there again, I can’t delete either so…)

          • Nicola says:

            (OK I found out, Google Chrome 11.0.696.71 [up to date 2/6/2011+ does NOT see my answer[s] to brobison, Seamonkey 2.0.14 does. It’s certainly a Google Chrome problem because I had similar facts these days. Sorry for the monologue.)

  • Nicola says:

    Thank you brobison, here it is:


    Maybe I can put a clickable link to the URL, that is the html code with the anchor to the URL (if this doesn’t turn into a link, just copy and paste the URL above… well one of the two should work):

    Wish: convert &entities but NOT html tags.

  • John says:

    I use the webtool http://www.html-entities.org/, very easy.

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